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Hey everyone! My name is Eric Guerrero & I'm the founder of Eric Guerrero Media. I'm a wedding videographer and photographer based in Omaha, Nebraska. I have a degree in visual communications. I fell in love with photography & videography over 8 years ago and haven't put my camera down since!


A little bit about myself; I'm a father of four wonderful children. I live for my family and absolutely love kids! If you are having kids at your wedding expect. me to give out  many high fives and do Fortnite dances with them on the dance floor. 


My beautiful partner in crime is Marisa Guerrero shoots photos and video as well! If you book a package with me expect to see her contagious smile and positive energy on your day.

My work is vibrant & photojournalist in approach so I love capturing those candid tears. My goal when you watch your wedding film is to get you to cry happy tears. I live to create content timeless enough to bring you back to that exact moment. I want you to be able to feel those feelings and relive that moment forever. I want to tell your story. This is your legacy your children will watch years from now.

I'm an energetic enough to handle your wild bridal party all day and experienced enough to keep you calm during the entire day so you don't stress out about the little things. Not only will I execute your vision, but I am someone that will add to the fun all day! I am not your typical fly on the wall videographer you don't say a word to your entire day. I'm awkward and joke a lot, I may verbally direct you guys if I want to capture an epic shot, and I work well with any other creative you may already have. 

I was recently married last year on 8.17.19 so I know what you are going through! If you want to watch my wedding story to get a better idea of my personality watch it here --> My Wedding Film <---

**comfortable with photo, video, photo booth, & drone


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Instagram : @eric_guerrero


Eric Guerrero You couldn’t have done a better job with our wedding video. The only words I’ve been able to mutter out since watching it is holy shit. Hahaha. It is absolutely beautiful. And your goal for when we watched it was accomplished! 😂

Thank you SO much for taking the time to shoot and edit our wedding. We seriously couldn’t have picked a better videographer, no way. I am so upset that Lance and I lost the picture we took with you and Erin at the reception! But we are 1000% grateful to you!


I cannot express how amazing Eric is. I was sorta last minute on getting a videographer and THANK GOD he was available!! He listened to my wants and made sure he captured all of the important moments I emphasized on! He definitely went above and beyond and was great to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone!


I can't thank Eric Guerrero enough for capturing our day! 😍best day ever!

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