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About me

Hey everyone! My name is Eric & I'm the founder of Eric Guerrero Photography & Media. A little bit about myself; I'm a family man of four wonderful children & a partner in crime who is very supportive in all I do. I'm very passionate about my career & making people who aren't at any event feel like they are, just with a glimpse of my work.

Im a creator based in Omaha, NE. My work is vibrant & photojournalist in approach. My hope is that it gives you real feelings & emotions. I like to think that my photography tells real stories, & I appreciate a good candid when I see one.

I'm a firm believer in honesty, art, human connection, love, real-ness, & going with your gut. I'm into human emotion, a people pleaser & always up for a challenge.

A few of my favorite things are; Diet Coke, my family, learning new tricks, listening to lots of podcasts, & eating lots of pizza!

**comfortable with photo, video, & drone



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